Make an Impact

By donating to The Florida Center for Early Childhood, you are investing in the life of a child for years to come. Your support provides important early intervention, education and child abuse prevention programs for children in Sarasota, DeSoto/Hardee, Manatee and Charlotte counties, as well as countless families throughout the state of Florida through our Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Diagnostic Clinic. Ninety percent of all donations from individuals, corporate giving, foundations, and grants are used directly in programs and services to children and families, including mental health therapy services, developmental therapies, early education through our Starfish Academy, diagnostic interventions with our FASD clinic, and child abuse prevention practices with our Healthy Families program and early childhood court.

Your impact means that over 2500 children and families each year are getting the services needed to develop healthy relationships, prepare for the future and build strong families…one child at a time.