Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health:

Infant and Early Childhood mental health is the young child’s capacity to experience, regulate and express emotions, form close and secure relationships, and explore the environment and learn. All these capacities are best accomplished within the context of the care giving environment that includes family, community, and cultural expectations for young children. Developing these capacities is synonymous with healthy social and emotional development. Research shows that early intervention can help to prevent adverse outcomes later in life.

Our mental health therapists are trained to meet the unique developmental needs of the infant and young child. Our treatment interventions are designed to meet the individual needs of each child and family. Some evidence based practices provided include:

- Incredible Years
- Circle of Security
- Child/Parent Psychotherapy
- Child/Parent Relationship Therapy

Through our infant and early childhood mental health services, we provide diagnostic and therapeutic assistance to children birth to 8 with a variety of behavior or circumstances that include aggression, grief or loss, exposure to a traumatic event, fear or anxiety, depression hyperactivity, parent/child relationship challenges, challenges in childcare or school, and fussiness or difficulties calming down.

Need help with your cranky baby? Does your baby seem to have difficulty sleeping? Does your baby cry a lot and you’re not sure why? We’re here to help!

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