What are the Benefits of Mindfulness?

At The Florida Center, mindfulness is something that permeates everything we do! While it can seem unnatural in our normally  busy and fast-paced lives to take a step back to breathe, but mindfulness has benefits for everyone!

Mindfulness Reduces Anxiety

Slowing down and concentrating on our breathing helps us stay in the moment, rather than worrying about the future, and can help regulate heart rate, blood pressure and hormones.


Mindfulness Can Improve Your Physical Health Too!

Not only will mindfulness help mental health, but it can reduce chronic pain, improve sleep, treat heart disease, lower blood pressure and alleviate digestive issues.


Mindfulness Can Increase Awareness and Focus

One of the many reasons we use mindfulness strategies at The Florida Center is because it can help us all stay focused on the task at hand, rather than allowing our mind to wander and lose focus, especially in a world that is so used to multitasking and getting distracted.


Mindfulness Can Boost Resilience

Resilience is a very effective skill for children to cope with daily struggles and develop emotionally, psychologically, and academically. Mindfulness training has been shown to boost resilience in children and help them understand and regulate their own emotions.


Mindfulness Can Help Regulate Emotions

Have you ever had a reaction to an event that seemed over the top? Mindfulness can help both children and adults self-regulate, so that our emotions and reactions to our environment are steady and appropriate for what is happening to us.


There are countless benefits to mindfulness, which is why The Florida Center incorporates these strategies into our classrooms and therapies every day. Be sure to read more on our blog to find out how you can incorporate mindfulness into everyday life!