Coffee with Consultants: A weekly advice vlog for parents

By Starfish Academy Social-Emotional Consultants Stephanie Essex & Yang Sandoval

As a new mom, Yang Sandoval, a social-emotional counselor at Starfish Academy was having trouble getting enough sleep. She showed up to virtual work meetings in a zombie-like trance, unable to focus on the tasks at hand. Her colleague, Stephanie Essex, also a social emotional-consultant, offered some advice. She suggested Yang create a bedtime routine for her baby. Yang went home and tried it out – it worked beautifully!

The event spawned the idea for “Coffee with Consultants,” a weekly webinar series to help parents resolve their problems and stressors. While Yang has since moved on to another position, mental health therapists Stephanie and Michele still offer tips and tricks to handle any situations related to mental health that may arise, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

These quick 5-10 minute videos feature real-life issues and simple solutions that parents can implement at home. Every week, Stephanie and Yang will talk about a specific topic, like sleep, healthy eating and self-care. Strategies to address the topics include activities parents can do with their children, a recommended book on the topic or a suggested mindfulness practice.

If you would like to see a specific topic covered during the series, email Stephanie or Michelle! They will release a new episode every week. Click below to watch the latest episode of Coffee with Consultants, and subscribe to The Florida Center and Florida Center Training Institute YouTube channels for more great videos.