Feel Good Friday, “Derrick’s Story”

It’s Friday and we have all the feels because of this amazing story about a boy who recently overcame developmental issues thanks to one of our school-based therapists. (His name has been changed to protect his identity)

“Derrick” just recently completed his first full week of 2nd grade. This may sound odd, considering school has been in session for more than two months, but it is a huge accomplishment. This little boy is struggling to manage developmental issues that include serious problems with transitioning from one task to the next. While he takes medication twice daily, his problems heighten as it starts to wear off. When his class must change activities and he is not ready, he acts out, becoming disruptive, aggressive, and emotional.

Until just recently, “Derrick” would be sent to the office almost daily, where his mother was called to pick him up. This was not only a burden on her, in the middle of a work-day, but a punishment for “Derrick”. Things changed when a mental health therapist from The Florida Center was assigned to this school. After staff conferences, “Derrick'”s teacher now calls the therapist when “Derrick” gets overwhelmed and starts melting down. With attention and coaching from the therapist, “Derrick” is learning to manage his emotions and reactions – a task that can be difficult even for adults!

So, yes – “Derrick” just completed his first full week of school, and everyone is so proud of him. A boy that had already earned a “trouble-maker” label is on his way to being just another student. The therapist continues to work with him, but she is thrilled to see the positive changes she is helping to create – and so are we!