The Importance of Celebrating Babies

The Florida Center for Early Childhood, recently discussed the importance of celebrating babies during its most recent podcast Centering Kids: Advice from the Experts ... continue reading

How Domestic Violence Affects Young Children

Domestic Violence affects young children, even if they are not being abused. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The enormous need for awareness on ... continue reading

Helping Children Cope with Grief and Loss

Helping children cope with grief and loss is sometimes difficult for parents, especially if they are equally affected. In this episode of Coffee with ... continue reading

Recognizing FASD Warriors

Recognizing FASD Warriors was part of The Florida Center for Early Childhood’s promotion of National Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Month, which takes place ... continue reading

Centering Kids Podcast: The Invisible Disability

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, or FASD, is often called the invisible disability because most individuals affected have no physical traits. Despite being more prevalent ... continue reading


  About us: The Florida Center for Early Childhood has been the leading provider of therapeutic services, early education and healthy development for young ... continue reading

Centering Kids: Our Disabilities Don’t Define Us

In this Season 1, Episode 10 of Centering Kids: Our Disabilities Don’t Define Us, host Kristen Theisen kicks off Fetal Alchohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) ... continue reading

Talking to Yourself

Do you ever realize you’re talking to yourself? How often does it happen? What do you say? Many years ago, one of my friends ... continue reading

CWC: What are Social-Emotional Consultants, Anyway?

In this episode of Coffee with the Consultants, mental health therapists Stephanie and Michele discuss “what’s a social-emotional consultant, anyway?” by explaining how they ... continue reading

The McCune Family Foundation Awards $75,000 for Therapeutic Services

Contact Marketing and Communications Director Merab Favorite for information. SARASOTA – The Florida Center for Early Childhood was awarded $75,000 by The McCune Family ... continue reading