Sharing Your Calm

Did you know that sharing your calm with your child can be an effective way to help with their social-emotional development? In this episode of Coffee with the Consultants, Stephanie and Michele, mental health therapists at Starfish Academy preschool,  invite mental health therapist Mariana to discuss ways parents can not only keep calm in stressful situations but share their calm with their children to help them settle down.

The three women talk about the internal balance every person needs to maintain their cool, especially when a child is experiencing “big feelings.” Oftentimes, these situations can be stressful for parents, but keeping calm instead of yelling will help the child(ren)’s episode pass more quickly. Mariana, who serves students at Easterseal’s Lily School,  suggested holding an upset child so they can hear your heartbeat. Gentle touching like a back scratch or hand-holding is also a great way to share your calm with them.

Sometimes sharing your calm can mean letting go. Michele added that it’s also okay for parents to let their children be alone if that’s what they request. Being alone can allow them to sort their feelings in a healthy way.

Stephanie also mentioned that Michele recently received a promotion and will not be hosting the Coffee with Consultants vlog anymore. Instead, Linda and Mariana will join her in the episodes moving forward. We certainly wish her luck in her new role as Starfish Academy Principal at our North Port campus and hope to see her back on the show as a guest.

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