Can Summer Learning Loss be Prevented?

Studies show that students will lose two months of math skills during the summer months, while reading and writing skills are also affected. This means at the beginning of each school year, teachers spend a significant amount of time reteaching old material to students. Unfortunately, this summer learning loss can follow students through high school, college and beyond. However, parents can play a key role in helping to prevent learning loss, and making sure their child is prepared to learn and succeed each fall.

  • Be a Bookworm: Make time to read with your child, and on their own. Summer is a great time to visit your local library, especially as many have free summer events for children and families.
  • Play! During the summer, physical fitness can also decrease. The summer is a great time to be outside as a family. Take up a new sport and sign up for lessons, try a new skill like swimming, or a team sport, to help you child practice sharing, and work on playing well with others.
  • Teach Through Experiences: Summer is a great time to try new things, and have your child learn by experience, or watching you! Try baking or cooking together, building a model kit, learning a new activity together, or going to a new park, museum, music class or local event together.
  • Keep a routine: During the summer, it’s easy to let little ones fall out of a routine, like eating extra desserts or staying up a little later. Trying to stay on a consistent bed time and daily routine can help you child be ready on the first day of school and get ahead of any potential learning loss by staying physically and mentally up to speed.What are some of your family’s favorite activities and tips to stay engaged during the summer? Comment to share with others and let us know of any fun local events for families you love!