How to Nurture Your Child’s Dreams & Ambitions

In our latest podcast episode we talk about how to nurture your child’s dreams and ambitions. As a child, Scott Ehrenpreis was awkward, shy, and had trouble making friends. But when he got on stage, all inhibitions disappeared and he felt empowered, untouchable, and capable of anything. In Season 3, Episode 3 of Centering Kids, host Merab Favorite interviews Joel Ehrenpreis on how he discovered his son’s talent and nurtured his dream to one day be an actor, all while educating the public about what it means to live with disabilities, disorders, and mental health challenges.

Scott could never really hold down a job. You know the best job he ever had? For four years in an amusement park in Cincinnati he was Scooby Doo. And do you know why? Because kids came up and gave him a hug.

Joel Ehrenpreis

Through lots of ups and downs, Joel found ways to understand his son’s struggles and learned how to nurture his dreams. He talked to his son about sharing his story on stage, and when Scott was ready, Joel created a nonprofit and hired the staff he needed to fulfill his son’s dream. The one-man show they produced together, Clowns Like Me, will premiere at Asolo Theater in Sarasota on May 18, 2023.

Show Notes:
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