Preparing Your Child For Preschool

For your little one, moving from the home to preschool can be his or her first big transition into a new environment. At a young age, it can be hard to process and verbalize their feelings toward their new environment, or understand why they’re now attending preschool. These tips can help you prepare your child for preschool for both a smooth transition, and making sure he or she is ready to learn and develop the skills and tools needed to succeed.

1. Visit the Preschool and Classroom with Your Child

Visiting a new environment before school starts can help your child feel prepared and familiar with their school and teacher, especially if they’re used to the comforts of home.

2. Help Your Child Socialize

Attending play groups and social times at local libraries, parks and community centers can help prepare your child for preschool by helping him or her develop social skills, learn to interact with others, share toys, books and attention, and build their emotional muscles.

3. Make Time For Reading

One of the best things you can do with your child is read to and with him or her as early as possible.

4. Express and Acknowledge Feelings

A new routine for your child may be an anxious, stressful and scary time, but he or she may not know how to verbalize their feelings. Taking to your child, helping him or her explain their feelings and acknowledging their fears and anxiety can help them feel calm and channel their emotions into excitement for the upcoming school year.

5. Develop Self-Help Skills

Preschool is a great setting to help your child test and practice independence and self-sufficiency. To prepare him or her, give them tasks to help practice independence at home, such as dressing themselves for the day.

6. Enhance Confidence and Language Skills

Ensure your child is taking every opportunity to practice language and expanding their vocabulary by interacting and speaking to them using new words and complete sentences. Ask him or her to have a conversation with you. Reading also helps develop these skills.