Present Levels, The Most Important Part of an IEP

In Present Levels, The Most Important Part of an IEP (Individualized Education Plan), the vlog explains what present levels are and why they are essential. Different Children, Different Approach is a vlog about how different children may need different approaches when it comes to learning. Difficulty in school can be very stressful for parents and children and, if not addressed, may lead to unfavorable outcomes. In the third episode of Different Children, Different Approach, Jenn Werden, Parent Advocate with The Florida Center FASD clinic, and Amy Weinberger, Co-founder of the Lean on Me Project with NAMI, share why present levels are one of the most important parts of an IEP.

In this episode, Amy explains how present levels are the foundation of the entire IEP and can be easily overlooked. If they are not accurate, comprehensive, and based on objective observations and test data then there will not be a clear sense of what the child’s academic needs are.

There is a section of the IEP where parents can give their concerns and Jenn talks about how important it is for parents to give their input. Jenn emphasizes what a great opportunity this is for parents to present their concerns about where their child is and the potential struggles they might face. Requesting a copy of the IEP before your meeting will give parents the opportunity to give a thoughtful response and input.

With their new vlog, Jenn and Amy hope to educate and empower parents and caregivers of children with delays, disabilities, and mental health challenges on strategies for advocating for their child’s learning and working with the school to help them reach their full potential. When parents know how to best approach the issues in the classroom, they can come to the table as a part of the team.

Watch the vlog to learn more: