The Importance of Celebrating Babies

The Florida Center for Early Childhood, recently discussed the importance of celebrating babies during its most recent podcast Centering Kids: Advice from the Experts at The Florida Center.

Celebrating Babies WeekIn Season 1, Episode 13, host Kristen Theisen and The Florida Center CEO Dr. Kristie Skoglund,  interview  Dr. Harleen Hutchinson, president of the Florida Association for Infant Mental Health, or FAIMH, and Dr. Christine Hughes Pontier, who is also involved with the organization.

In this podcast, the guests discuss the importance of celebrating babies by promoting infant mental health and other initiatives for Celebrate Babies Week (October 18-22). You can find more information about the observance at FAIMH.org.

FAIMH strives to build a community where all children in Florida will be nurtured, emotionally healthy, and ready to learn, develop, and reach their full potential. FAIMH achieves this by supporting and strengthening the infant and early childhood mental health workforce to better serve the young children and families of Florida together with our local FAIMH Chapters.