Alex’s Story

Alex is a sweet, kind and gifted student who had issues adapting to a classroom environment.

Alex recently graduated from Voluntary Pre Kindergarten (VPK)

His poor social skills made it hard for him to make friends and he often sought out adults to talk to instead of children his own age. In the classroom, he expressed inflexible opinions and was unwilling to share toys which often resulted in arguments with his peers.

Alex often had trouble transitioning from one activity to another and would become verbally defiant with his teachers and parents. At home, Alex almost never slept through the night, which could make him irritable at school the next day.

Alex was enrolled in Starfish Academy where he had access to a full-time social emotional consultant, Miss Stephanie, who intervened when Alex had “big emotions” in the classroom. Together, they worked on his social skills, problem solving and self-regulation. His parents also met with Stephanie to learn how they could try strategies at home to help with Alex’s development and sleep patterns.

After just a few months, Alex acquired the social skills he needed to form relationships with his classmates. He now asks his friends to play, expresses himself when he’s upset and is more respectful of his teachers, parents and classmates. While there’s still room to grow, Alex has made huge strides in a short period of time. We are very proud of his progress!

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