United Way Grant to Expand Social-Emotional Mental Health Preschool Program

A United Way grant will expand The Florida Center for Early Childhood’s social-emotional mental health program. The agency recently received a multi-year funding commitment from United Way Suncoast allowing the agency to expand its  Social-Emotional Mental Health program to area preschools. 

United Way Grant to Benefit Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health
The Florida Center’s social-emotional mental health therapist Linda Tobiassen helps Eve, age 2, learn to identify and express her emotions in a healthy way, ensuring she is better prepared for kindergarten and beyond.

United Way Suncoast initiated the distribution of a three-year grant that will provide $195,000 to The Florida Center. The funding will be used to provide mental health services to children attending preschool who have trouble regulating and expressing their emotions.

Dr. Kristie Skoglund, CEO of The Florida Center, expressed excitement and gratitude for having been selected for the grant. 

“Every day in the United States, 250 children are expelled from preschool,” she said. “Our social-emotional mental health therapists help these young students learn to identify and express their emotions in a healthy way, ensuring they are better prepared for kindergarten and beyond. Developing these abilities is critical, not only for their healthy development but also for the overall success of their classroom.”  

The Florida Center is a leading provider of infant and early childhood mental health services in the state. The newly expanded program allows young children to have access to a mental health therapist at their preschool, which reduces disruptions for the teacher and the other students. The consultant works with the child in the classroom and on a  one-on-one basis to help them better develop their emotional regulation. 

This community investment represents a first in United Way Suncoast’s 98-year history — a three-year commitment to 88 nonprofits that will total nearly $18 million by the fiscal year 2025. In past years, United Way Suncoast issued annual grants. The new approach will empower The Florida Center to expand to other preschools in the area and boost the strategic planning behind the program and grow together with United Way Suncoast.

“Our strategic community partners requested a change to multi-year funding and the reasons are clear,” United Way Suncoast CEO Jessica Muroff said. “It’ll create trends and allow us to measure true impact; it’ll reduce the strain of the application process for the partners and UWS, and it’ll strengthen our ability to tell stories and fundraise.”

To learn more about how to give of your time, talent, and treasure, visit www.TheFloridaCenter.org. You can learn more about United Way Suncoast at www.unitedwaysuncoast.org.

Official Press Release: 8_8_22 United Way Grant to Benefit Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health


Suggested Social Media Post: We are excited to announce that The Florida Center has earned support from United Way Suncoast’s competitive community grant process. United Way Suncoast’s new three-year funding commitment will help us enhance our efforts. Together, we will elevate children and families and break down barriers to financial stability. United we Rise. United We Win. #UnitedWaySuncoast #FreedomToRise