Creating a Culture of Care in the Workplace

When it comes to creating a culture of care in the workplace, it’s all about feeling supported from CEO to entry-level positions. This trickle-down effect essentially leads to better client care.  In Episode 2, Season 3 of Centering Kids: Advice from the Experts at The Florida Center for Early Childhood, host Merab Favorite interviews Dr. Kristie Skoglund about her journey leading one of the largest nonprofits in Sarasota, Fla. through a global pandemic, major hurricane and housing crisis. 

Dr. Skoglund shares how The Florida Center managed to balance the needs of staff, clients, and the organization using compassion and sympathy through understanding trauma informed care and parallel process.

I as a leader feel supported so that I can support my team who is doing the work, who then can go and support their clients who are needing them to support them. It’s a trickle down effect in terms of how everyone feels supported. If you don’t feel supported in your job you’re going to probably not have your whole heart in the work.

Dr. Kristie Skoglund, CEO

Creating a culture of care is a multi pronged effort that starts with the leadership. Once the leaders are trained in trauma informed care, parallel process and diversity, equity and inclusion they can then use that information to be sure that all employees feel psychologically safe. When the employees feel supported and have what they need to be able to do their job they can then support and meet the needs of their clients.

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